Jeff August 21st, 2010

1957-61: Bexley High School (Columbus, OHIO) Karen and I were co-editors of the Bexley High School student newspaper, the Torch, in our senior year (1960-61). We were surrounded by great talent: Bob Stine (the humor editor, who later became better known as RL Stine, the author of Goosebumps and Fear Street books), Jerilyn Lazear, Mike Friedman, Jack Meyer (the sports editor), Connie Stableton (the business manager). We were a headstrong and challenging group to manage and we often clashed with our journalism teacher-advisor, Sara Amos. Karen was funny, irreverent, bright, high spirited, and just beginning to emerge from her traditional Catholic upbringing, opening to the influence of a group of liberal Jewish students in a fundamentally conservative community. (The radical nature of our perspective became evident when some of us decided to favor buying great books for the school library as our Class Gift rather than a pitching machine for the high school’s baseball team. A vote was taken and we lost decisively) It was a time of great hope. A young exciting liberal Catholic senator, John F. Kennedy, was running for President and offering hope to get the country moving again after the lethargy of the Eisenhower Administration. Karen was clearly the rising journalism star in 1960-61, and was quite excited and proud when she got accepted to the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She was a great colleague and friend, then and since.