Jeff August 27th, 2010

Yesterday, I went to the refrigerator and sliced an orange. As I tasted its tangy, bracing, sweet juice, I was reminded of Karen and a beautiful days spent with her and Tom in their Oakland place. We talked for hours about all kinds of things and laughed and talked more. Among other things we talked about David Spangler's book, Everyday Miracles, about the art of manifestation. Our throats were starting to get parchedm and Karen asked if we'd like some oranges. Tom and I both said, YES! Soon Karen was back with some excellent cold sliced oranges. The taste was delicious, so welcome -- and so now sliced oranges always remind me of Karen -- herself so tangy, bracing, nourishing, and sweet, one of the purest gifts of nature. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for her presence in my life. Jeff