2010 May 06

Created by Tom 10 years ago
. Thursday, May 6, 2010 Karen has had a turn for the worse, with a whole day of serious nausea and painful indigestion, throwing up once, after a night of just a few hours sleep. She just slept another hour or so. She hasn't eaten all day, and drank only a little bit. The usual drugs are not working so well for her, and some new ones are on order. We will be re-entering the hospice program Friday morning (if all goes well), and she'll remain at the nursing home and her room for now, but managed by hospice nurses, which will speed up the efforts to identify better drugs for her. I got about 5 hours sleep last night; we'll see how tonight goes. I've been sitting by her most of the day. Les has been a great companion and is out doing errands right now. We don't know exactly how all this will unfold. Tom