Where have you gone??

2010 May 23

Created by Tom 10 years ago
To Karen, in Hospice, May 2010 Where are you now, in your drugged haze? Where is the Karen who loved and hated, whose passion froze and melted hearts and raised plants and hell whose breath coiled with created and channeled images, the gnarled life of the past, the stories bursting into now, and the well-supported dreams of her lover? What swarm of locusts has devoured the rich harvest of that caring heart? You, who have world-watched like Alpine towers and thundered with lightning-pierced rage at its degradations and its cruel ways -- mists and pillows fog your mind, once alive with peonies and crows and Greek-island light, now leaving you, leaving me, barely in possession of memory, wandering where purpose slips away at every turn, sleeping life into oblivion -- you, who wanted to go with clarity and intent, now fuzz and slumber towards the dark buzzards of nothing. Death is taking you, underhandedly, without even waiting for your say-so. I tug at your mind for attention, for decision, but you have gone and everywhere the mist drifts in.