About Karen's Early Days at Ohio State


Created by Jeff 10 years ago
Here's a story that tells a lot about Karen. It was sent to me by a mutual friend - Jeri Lazear Wolman, with whom Karen and I went to Bexley High School and then Ohio State University, after Karen went to Northwestern her freshman year, then dropped out. When I wrote to tell Jeri about Karen's death, she wrong back the following -- in part: "I have been thinking about Karen everyday. When Karen transferred to O.S.U. from Northwestern, she went through sorority rush. She told me that at one of the houses, I don’t remember which one, a member told her how much she liked her blouse. Karen thanked her, and the woman kept telling her how much she liked her blouse in increasingly gushing terms. After about ten minutes of compliments and Karen’s many thank-you’s, she unbuttoned her blouse and began to take it off telling the woman that since she liked it so much, she could have it. She quit rush that afternoon." It's a wonderful story about Karen -- years ago -- about her understanding of the importance of deeper, inner values, not externalities or appearances; about her level of commitment to herself, honesty and what is right; about her sense of humor; about her courage and her outrageousness. Jeff Schwartz