Karen's Fight for the Redwoods of Headwaters

1995 - 1998

Created by Jeff 10 years ago
Karen was a dedicated environmentalist. In the mid-1990s she wrote to me as well as many others about Pacific Lumber's plan to harvest the 3,000 acre Headwaters Forest of giant redwood trees in northern California. She was distraught. It was a spiritual thing with Karen -- she could not abide the mindless destruction of nature's beauty, Her letters and calls led to a number of her friends writing to their Senators and congressional representatives pleading to stop Pacific Lumber. Eventually a deal was reached to preserve most of the Headwaters Forest. See: http://www.sfgate.com/special/redwoods/part1.html, for more of the story. This was just one example of Karen's elegant, passionate love of nature, beauty, and the unique and her combination of spiritual attunement and her determination to use her voice and her talent as a writer-activist to mobilize others to care about and take action to protect the environment she so loved. Now, it is we who remain who must be vigilant and listen for Karen's voice inside us calling us to care, act,and make a difference for our planet. Jeff Schwartz